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But please excuse the expression,
since "welcome" is about the only nice word
you are likely to hear on this site
With any luck people like me will soon be out of a job.
Because, with luck we have not yet seen, this Administration will have in some foreseeable future successfully, inevitably imploded
and we will no longer have to peck away at it, they having the superior weapons of self destruction.
So in the meantime, and with your fingers crossed,
let me tell it (the real Bush Administration shit)
as it should be told, no “perhaps they will reconsider,” or “perhaps they didn’t really mean it,” or “perhaps they aren’t as steadily murderous and mercenary as they seem.”
Sorry, they are all exactly that, and no way about to admit it.
One can be either a fool or a knave, as Jonathan Swift opined.
This is, Swiftian no doubt, an Administration that has proved itself both fools and knaves. And murderous.
The shit we cover them in is really only shit shoveled back.

P. S. Though I don't really give a damn what you have to say, you can send me an email with your comments on anything you read on this blog site and if I feel like it, I'll post it to the comments pages.

Mr. Bush Gets Some Mail
Dear Mr. Bush,
It has just come to my attention that you and your wife Mrs. Whatever have lavishly entertained two well-known fornicators, who also happen to have been an adulteress and an adulterer, in that order and publically over many decades and don’t they both show it. They are also both very ugly, with entirely too many teeth between them.
It has just come to my attention that you and your wife Mrs. Whatever have lavishly entertained two well-known fornicators, who also happen to have been an adulteress and an adulterer, in that order and publically over many decades and don’t they both show it. They are also both very ugly, with entirely too many teeth between them.
If this was, however, a faith-based initiative and an expression of international ass-kissing

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, then you have my approval. I must caution you, however again, that should you take to riding to hounds you shall pay for it at the polls, where dogs shall rend your flesh even as they did Jezebel, also noted as a fornicatrix. So beware and remember that even one born ugly as was your fate is not immune from further ugliness and, it should be noted, uselessness. Unless studying such supreme and talented uselessness was the main reason prompting you and Mrs. Whatever to extend an invitation to two such international vagrants.

Procul esti profani,
Benedict XVIVI

Miscellaneous Notes from the White House
The White House has released some recent notes and inquiries, calling on all patriotic, anti-terrorist American to show their true colors, step up to the plate and back the President, whenever we can find him.
For one, the President has asked the Arms and Armor division of the Metropolitan Museum to forward to Washington, immediately, COD and UPS, their collection of swords. Said Mr. Bush, “We know that building up there has the swords ‘cause I remember my mommy tying one on one day we visited when I was a kid. And she looked like wearing a sword just the things she was born to do. So now I say, send me those swords, especially the kind you can stick in the ground and it stands up so anyone walking past can sort of throw themselves on it, like any number around me have promised to do, with a little bit of a push but still a promise is a promise and we gonna holt them to it. Except now there too many promises and not enough swords, which lead me to think somebody’s messin’ with the sword supply around here. And I want you to know I just turned down a suggestion that any old kitchen knife would do. You think I’m gonna let Harriet walk around with some old grapefruit cutter sticking out of her polyesters? You call that loyalty?”
Answering questions about how his political advisor, Karla Rove, was bearing up under the recent investigations, Mr. Bush went on: “Karla’s strong as a muffin. Now I don’t want any alarm because I sending over one of those iron lung machines so she’s comfortable and all. Now who’s gonna investigate a lady in a iron lung, for Pete’s sake? Takes six men just to roll her into her Jagyouare in the mornings, so how’s you gonna put that iron lung on the witness stand, answer me that and don’t ask me again.

Follow up for Homeland Security
In a follow up study, the office of Homeland Security Jitters, has issued proof that, as was expected, its on going super vigilance program in the New York City subway system is working and working well. The study, which cost in the neighborhood of $45 million, has affirmed the importance of the poster campaign, “If you see something, say something,” which in itself cost $500 million, and money well spent to keep New York jitter-free. As New Yorkers know, the posters are also in Spanish (Si vez algo, di algo”) and in Italian (“Visse d’arte, visse d’amore”).
The study also revealed some typical responses to the poster’s admonition, which New Yorkers typically translated into “If you see it, do it.”
For example, one New Yorker replied, “I saw it but I didn’t like it.”
Another was prompted to put an ad in the Village Voice: “I saw you on the Times Square platform. Cute, real cute. So I’m saying something, like, Might I ask who painted those jeans on you, rivets and all? And does that paint peel? Contact me here at the Voice so we can do algo about it. Algo anywhere for you, Baby."
The Homeland Security Jitters office revealed plans for a new poster campaign, with the apt slogan, “You saw it. Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

First and Delay comment on Rove appointment
Lining up solidly behind President Bush, Senate Misleader Bill First and House Whip and Chain Tom Delay both announced they were solidly behind Mr. Bush.
“I’m solidly behind Mr. Bush,” Frist declared. “Furthermore, after Mr. Bush announced he was sending Rove to Iraq I inspected videotapes of the president and diagnosed that in spite of the absence of his brain due to Rove’s departure, Mr. Bush was not, as claimed by the press, brain dead. I am certain, from my viewing of the video, that Mr. Bush is as capable of thinking and expressing himself in the English language or language of his choice at the moment, as he ever was.”
Taking the microphone from the Senator by a swift jab to the solar plexus, Whip and Chain Delay added his opinion: “Of course Mr. Bush is laughing and thinking and winking and raising a whole lot of hell, even without his brain. That’s why I am calling a special session of Congress—and I might add that Tony Blair is calling a special session of the English Parliament at the same time—so that we can err on the side of life and continue to believe that Mr. Bush is still with us, even without his brain.


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