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Dowager Mother speaks out

Somewhat visibly annoyed by adverse press coverage of her recent comments on how the niggars deserved what they got from hurricane Katrina, Dowager Mother Barbarous Bush spoke out.

“Fine for you Northern Liberals, but I got the prospect of niggars camping out on my front lawn. You got front lawns? So my advice as a presidential mother is start thinking of this issue of niggers running east and north and west as so much dog shit, without the scoop up laws enforced in your communities.

Now as for the Elder Previous President (EPP, as we term him in private conversations when he’s comatose), he’s not here much, most time off jacking off the Saudi princes and dicking up oil prices, at which he’s more competent than he’s been at any previous work for which he was paid, at least out of the American federal budget, which he cut every where except where his cut came from.

I want you to know that I love my boy, the current Previous President, and never like to see him sucking up to that Vice Dick, who’s got nothing but money connections and is in no way equivalent to us aristocratic original Americans, who’ve been here long before oppression became some kind of no-no word we all had to say yes to. Frankly, baby, we got the money and you all can kiss our asses until your lips runs dry but we ain’t going to give you more than shit. We got it and you all don’t. And that is American democracy in a nut shell—your nuts, that is.

As I was saying, nobody’s to blame if my boy says he’s not to blame and anyone who says opposite is a fucking liar, if you will pardon my language, which only shows how loyal a mother I am to this fucking kid, who never knew his pencil sharpener from his dick, which did, as you know from my recent book of memoirs about how my dog came to our rescue in trying moments, caused some quaint little alarm in our mansion by the sea. Where, of course, we had lots of loving loyal niggers at our beck and call.

So this is a heart rendering cry from a concerned mother—get your fucking hands off my fucking baby—What’s the American with Disabilities Act for anyway?

New appointment for flood relief

Dowager Ruling Mother, Her Enormity Barbarous Bush, has been appointed by Ruling Son to head up evacuation and resettlement programs for New Orleans. Said Her Enormity at the anointing ceremony: ‘These people are very underprivileged, so I concluded it would be best to quickly settle them in some friendlier, underprivileged location, away from our more privileged locations here in Texas and wherever Ruling Son’s tax relief measures have taken full effect. For that reason our troops have been recalled from duty in New Orleans and are now occupying a large area of central Mexico as a temporary holding ground. Negotiations are underway with Air Togo and Chad to fly the emigrants out of Mexico and into those truly underprivileged places, which I believe are currently occupied but with a dwindling population due to AIDS and other underprivileged events.


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